We’re one week in…

24 May

Well, here we are a week into our adventure, and we’ve had an amazing time. Spent the first four days playing at WDW. Then we were off to Tampa to spend a few days at our favorite B&B, with Debbie West, John West, and the kids. We had some amazing meals and even got to cook for them one night. Yesterday we began looking at and eliminating some area apartment for the big move, made a run to the MK, and then we moved on to our Lakeland hotel for Geo Woodstock XI, and spent the evening chatting with some cachers from around the country and even one from Switzerland. Today we got up and looked at another apartment community, that moved to the top of the list even before we got out of the car, The Glen at Cagan Crossing in Clermont. We have a couple of others to look at, but just to make sure. Tonight is check-in for the event, and then we’re heading to the Studios for some Hyperspace Hoopla, and MK ’til we can’t party no more. Things are really starting to fall into place.

Until next time, I remain,

Until then, I remain,


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