Sounds fishy to me…

19 May

Day 3 recap. Got up and had a less than amazing continental breakfast at our less than luxury hotel. Got out and hit DTD to pick up a bucket of Lego for J’s nephew. Hit the 7-11 for some Pball tickets, and then parked at EPCOT, made a PS for dinner at Marakesh, and jumped on the Monorail to head over to MK for the afternoon. Had our 2nd Dole Whip of the trip, hit the Haunted Mansion, and walked around a bit. Back to the Monorail for the return to EPCOT, where we rode Spaceship Earth, and the grabbed our 3rd Dole Whip (this one with the spiced rum) and partook of the Perry game in the UK. Went and had dinner, which was AMAZING, even though after Novus Sanctum, the belly dancer was entertaining, but no match. After tearful Illuminations (Don’t judge me, it was our wedding recessional). We headed off to find some blister Band-Aids, which brought us to the Walgreen’s with the fresh sushi daily, across for Sea World (still sounds fishy to me). And back to the hotel to watch Doctor Who and pass out. We met some great new people today, and can’t wait to make this our home.

Until next time, I remain,

Until then, I remain,


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